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Bay windows are large windows installed mostly in living area or living room. However, the location of a bay window totally depends on the interior of your house; you could locate them in a dining area, kitchen or bedroom as well. Bay windows are larger unit made up of three windows joined together. The middle window is usually fixed, and in line with the existing wall. Both the side windows are at an angle of 30degree, 45degree, 60degree or 90 degree angle. Bay window is a fantastic option if you are planning to install or replace a window in your home.

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There are several advantages and disadvantages of installing a bay window. The advantages are: They add aesthetic value to the house. It provides elegant and spacious look to the home. Another benefit is, it allows natural light and breeze to enter. Additionally, it provides clearer and larger outside view. The disadvantages of installing bay windows are, it is tiresome to install window treatment hardware like curtains. Whereas this disadvantage can be easily converted to an advantage by hiring a professional, the end window treatment only adds aesthetic. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Now comes the question, where do you install the bay windows? The best uses of bay windows are:

Bay windows are an attractive home feature as it gives a spacious look and adds light to the room. But deciding how to maximize these benefits is challenge.a9c5b00bddc7cebf3840d430332a0fee

The most common use of bay window is a window seat. Placing an antique table in front of the seat provides a place for a game or a reclining chair to the side of the window provides a space where you can sit and relax, read a book or simply enjoy the outside scenic beauty.

Bay window can also be used for dining especially in a built-in banquette. A table with a single, central leg with enough legroom space will be the best option.

Another amazing way to use bay windows are for built-in-desks. Windowsills should be at an appropriate height for placing the desktop, and it will be better not to have any baseboard heaters in the way. Entry of sunlight should also be regulated so that the computer monitor does not glare. However, several window treatments can be used to solve the sunlight problem.

In some cases, floor-to-ceiling bay windows are installed and it creates an amazing look. Just be sure of the crowd around as they can clearly look inside your home. The gloss finish on the floor this window provides highlights the beauty.

In bathrooms, tubs are built into bay windows, like window seats.  You can also build a freestanding tub which will bring the spacious look to the room.

Hence, the multipurpose bay windows can be used in many ways. We at Lordships Windows Ltd. install bay windows. All you need to do is contact us and we will provide you our service. We have experts who can advise you on the use of bay windows. Contact us immediately if you are planning to replace an old window or install a bay window.