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The popular Energy Savings Recommendations logo is automatically awarded to the A-rated windows. The main reason behind this award is that the windows are not only energy efficient but are environmental friendly as well. They considerably reduce the energy bills and are cheaper than the wooden ones.

To have this logo, the product will pass through a very strict criterion which is set by an independent panel of jury. uPVC and PVCu windows are awarded this logo by default which makes easier for the user to make a perfect pick regarding most energy efficient windows.


Significance of A-rating

Windows which are A-rated energy certified, are the ones which help in retaining heat in winters and reduce your energy/ heating bills. These are all weather windows. Not only in winters, in fact, during summer, they impart a cooling effect on the home or office by reducing condensation and mist.


What are energy losses?

Every time we talk about energy losses, energy efficient etc., but what exactly does that mean? Energy efficiency means how much thermally efficient your doors and windows are. There can be direct condensation through the door, frames or even by glazing. Heat losses can also occur through the air leakage around the doors.

There are mainly three factors on which these losses can be measured and then rated according to performance. These are solar factor, u-value and air-leakage. To have a good rating you must have minimum air leakage and a perfect balance of solar heat which passes through the frame or glass.


Double Glazing

Double glazed windows are thermally more efficient and are able to reduce the carbon footprint. They just not only make your windows look more cleaner, quieter and energy efficient but have a good environmental aspect as well. Whether installing fresh double glazed windows or replacing older ones with Double glazed windows, these will certainly reduce your energy bills and saves you a lot of money. Some of the reasons why double glazing is gaining popularity are:


  1. Reduction in carbon footprint: Double glazing reduces the heat required to heat your home as it helps in heat retention and cuts down the heat escaping through the windows. Thus, there will be less carbon dioxide generated which is responsible for global warming.
  2. Comfort zone at home: You feel more comfortable staying at home as these energy efficient windows and doors reduce the heat loss which in turn means lesser cold spots and draughts.
  3. Insulator to unwanted Noise: Double glazing imparts quieter ambience in the home or your property. It not only retains the heat but also act as an insulator for unwanted noise. Thus, making your property more peaceful and quite.
  4. Reduce Condensation: Double glazing helps in reducing the mist and condensation build up on the inner side of windows.

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