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Nothing can beat the sight of waking up to the warm sun rays glistening through your exquisite windows. The window selection is the most underrated aspect that customers tend to neglect while constructing a house. The vitality of choosing the right window lies in the fact that it encapsulates the subtlety in the transition between the exterior and the interior. Choosing the right window helps in projecting the architectural aesthetics of the house, improving ventilation thereby facilitating energy savings. The right window can also enhance you interiors as well, as in case of look to windows that can let the light in an obtuse direction thereby enhancing appeal while serving the purpose.


With multiple varieties of windows to choose from given the styles, materials and features, it is extremely important to do your homework right as that can save your headache by reducing the replacement time frequency by at least a decade or two.

The Bay window has rightfully served the utility cum aesthetics aspects of windows right from the days of renaissance architectural splendor. From the pristine gothic chapels to Victorian architecture, Bay windows have transcended time and space carrying along with them a diverse history of architecture.


What is a bay window?

A standard bay window is an ultimate statement design engineered with an exquisite centre piece and an operable casement or hung windows on both sides. It can come in variations such as

  • Oriel Bay windows-mostly the porch windows in upper story of the building supported by brackets or corbels.
  • Box Bay –consists of a set of 3 window panes capped by a small roof. Perfect way to enhance lightening and removing space constraints without repositioning.
  • Circle Bay-Classical symbol of Victorian architecture, they are longer more embellished and incorporate more panes.
  • Bow Bay-Curvilinear version of bay windows. Created by combining more casement windows with the help of an arch


Advantages of using Bay Window

  • Lighting-Since bay window bulges out from profile it gives three angles of entry for light thereby allowing more natural light into your rooms and cutting down on your electricity bills
  • Spacing-You need not ever fear becoming claustrophobic as this design opens up more space and makes your space much larger and airy.
  • Adding Dimensions-This design can just transform the sophistication level of your house. Eg enhanced bay windows with cushions can make a perfect reading spot. Or you can have a built in banquet by using bay windows in the dining
  • Enhance interiors-They can be transformed into focal points of interiors by using minimalistic bay window pattern glasses in bathrooms, Kitchen or Patio.


Lordships Bay Windows comes with an A rated certification thereby ensuring you unparalleled energy efficiency. Our internally and externally double glazed window coatings invalidate safety and security. Our products come with a guarantee of 10 years.


So be ready to read your favourite book on that window porch or have that cup of coffee watching the sun sinking down with Lordships bay windows without having to compromise on security!!!!