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The demand for UPVC doors and windows has been growing exponentially and thus has created much hype in the door and Window industry. UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and is best known for delivering exceptionally superior performance, energy efficient and environmental friendly solutions. Be it traditional sash windows, or excellently crafted bay windows, UPVC adds a wow factor in them!!!  UPVC is the most recommended material for home improvement by double glazing companies.


There are several reasons which make UPVC a perfect pick for one’s home either for re-installation or installation. The list of its benefits offered by UPVC is very long but let me share some of the best points here.

1.      All weather solution

When we talk about UPVC double glazing, it means we are forcing argon (gas) into two panes of glass. When the temperature is high outside, it reflects the heat waves. And if the temperature is cold outside, it reflects the sunlight into the house, thus keeping it warm from inside. UPVC shows an exceptional thermal performance by resisting heat loss in winter and heat gain in summers. Thus, energy bills are reduced considerably.


2.      Cost Effective

Cost is the main deciding factor when it comes to installation or replacement of any door or window. UPVC assures the best return on investment versus outlay cost. It is cheaper than other construction materials such as timber. It’s low cost is the main reason behind its popularity. Moreover, companies such as Lordship windows, offer 10 years of guarantee for UPVC door and windows. What more can anyone expect?

3.      Durability

Windows made of UPVC are immune to rotting, flaking, blistering, peeling and rusting. UPVC is naturally impervious to moisture and other atmospheric pollutants (such as acids, salt air) which make it invulnerable to any kind of infestation by termites. The doors and windows designed do not require any additional maintenance as they retain their luster for a very long time. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth will suffice.


4.      Environment Friendly

The main advantage of UPVC is that they can be recycled which makes it the best alternative to timber and wood. uPVC is lightweight and long life, helps in maintaining a perfect balance in the environment as no more trees are cut for wood, timber etc.

5.      Secure

Windows manufactured from UPVC are tough and resilient. They are extremely hard to break through or prone to damage. Due to UPVC’s robust nature, it offers the client, a perfect choice for preventing the home against intruders.

Lordship Windows offers a very versatile and wide range of UPVC doors and windows for every new-build, replacement project or public sector. Lordship windows are the best service providers in North London and guarantee a 48 hour window repair service. They have an unbeatable track record of satisfied customers with their highly professional approach and dedicated effort. They offer high quality double glazed energy efficient windows and doors. Visit Lordship windows showroom at Kendal Parade (Great Cambridge roundabout) for a free quote. For more information visit:- .