“Very good”
“Get stuff done pretty quickly”
“Used them on 10 different properties and haven’t had any problems” …….. “Highly recommend them” …….. “5 out of 5”

Eddie Ham estates, London

“Quality is good”
“Good rates”
“I have recommended them to other traders.”

Jim Craftworks, London

 “Very good and very friendly”
“Very efficient”
“Products are second to none”
“5 out of 5 for service and speed”

Dave Kelly, London

“Been using them for 10 years”
“Very good customer service”
“Reasonably priced”
“I recommend them to others.”

Peter, London

“Preferred supplier”
“Used them for 4 or 5 years”
“Good service”
“Very good prices”
“I recommend them to other

Jerry, London

 “I’m impressed and happy” ………”Very good for business” ……….
“I rate them 10 out of 5!”

Armando, London (repeat customer)