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Doors are an integral part of every house and each type of door adds to the beauty and appeal of a house. There are several types of doors like hinged doors, rotating doors, panel doors, plank and button doors etc.


A French door consists of a frame within which one or more transparent or translucent panels called lites or lights are installed. The frame can have one lite, matching pairs or even a series of lites.  The panel can either be plain or decorative.

French doors are well-known for the light they allow into the room they are installed in. French doors are usually double doors that open into another room, balcony, or simply outdoors. Exterior French doors are those that provide a fantastic view of the outdoors, while allowing plenty of natural light to flow into the room. These beautiful doors can also be used inside the house and they add to the aesthetic beauty of the interiors of any house. Wherever they are used, they allow for seamless integration and easy access to other areas within a house or outdoors. French doors are also known as patio doors. These days, French doors are also installed as sliding doors, instead of the traditional ones that open into or outside a room, balcony or garden.


French doors are made from materials like wood and UPVC. The ones made from top quality wood are considered masterpieces and are used in large homes or properties intended to be passed on as a legacy. Wooden French doors can also be used in a property to enhance its beauty.

U-PVC or PVC-U is unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride and has emerged as one of the best materials for manufacturing windows. It is immune to rotting and biological decomposition. It is resistant to wear and tear from weather resistant. It requires low maintenance. It has a tendency to retain its shape in normal climatic conditions. Most importantly, it can be reshaped at extremely high temperatures and can be recycled.

French doors can be easily maintained. They need to be cleaned just like windows and therefore last much longer. They can also be easily installed and are available in a wide variety of colours. So, you can choose the colour you want, without having to re-decorate the room in which you want to install French doors.


While ordering a French door, remember to keep the following things in mind. One of the objectives behind investing in a French door is to utilize natural light more efficiently and reduce electricity charges. So, ask, check and order double glazed glasses to achieve efficient use of energy. While the use of glass is appealing, one must also keep the security of the house in mind. Remember to use laminated glass that is stronger than normal glass to enhance security.  These days, multi-point locking systems are also installed to ensure security. So, ensure that you invest in good quality frames to enjoy the durability of French doors. Please visit for further details.