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Windows are the transient element in your house that can interconnect your interiors with exteriors. They are also energy savers as they provide natural light and ventilation thereby helping you not to depend too much on other conventional sources. Performance considerations, functionality and energy efficiency are the factor that needs to be introspected before selecting the right window. They can also redefine aesthetic appeal of the house if chosen wisely.


What is double glazing?

Double glazing or insulated glazing technique is a unique method to improve energy efficiency of the building. It’s an insulated glass unit that combines multiple panes into single window system. These are then separated by a spacer and a layer of gas. Filling gas can be either normal air or gases like argon in case of more efficient IGU systems. The glass is then fitted into window frames, which is made wider to accommodate the two panes. This kind of an integrated coating can reduce noise and heat transmission.

Advantages of double glazing

  • Energy efficiency- In a single-glazed window, heat can enter and escape quickly resulting in increase in energy bills. However double glazed windows with their insulated glazing mechanism can keep the heat out in summer and keep the warmth in winter thereby significantly improving thermal comfort of the house.
  • Noise Reduction-Noise pollution is one among the detrimental types of pollution. Double glazing windows can dramatically cut this down with help of insulation methodology. They provide effective sound proofing techniques which are standardized with help of recent acoustic testing. Studies reveal that a reduction of up to 10-12 decibels in noise is possible with double glazing.


  • Safety and security-these windows use multi-point locking technology, and security-enhancing uPVC framing and heavy sealing that can help improve your window security from intrusion.
  • Reduces damages caused by condensation.-Condensation can have negative impact on windows especially if frame is wood. Moisture levels can not only damage window but also your interiors and can be a breeding ground for fungus. Airtight seal and the gas in between the panes block moisture and prevent condensation.
  • Enhance home value-In an age where the world is moving towards greener technologies, double glazed windows are your quintessential step in this aspect by reducing Greenhouse gas emissions and in turn carbon foot print.



Types of Double glazing

Retrofitting and secondary glazing are available options in double glazing. Retrofitting is a replacement glazing where double glazing is attached to an existing frame whereas secondary glazing is fitting an existing coating with secondary acrylic pane. Framing options available are aluminium, timber and Upvc. This option is available in all kinds of windows in various styling options like sliding, tilt and turning, casement and awning.


Tips for selecting double glazed windows

  • Select frames with coated resin in centre of joints that provide good thermal break
  • Low emissivity glasses
  • Well fit spacers and possibly inert gas filling to avoid condensation

Lordship Windows provides energy efficient double glazed optimal acoustics windows that can help you make your homes warmer, quieter and yet safer. They are extremely durable, hassle free and require minimum maintenance. Our strong clientele is our testimonial to our exemplary service.