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Windows are basically the main source of cross ventilation in any of the cemented place. So they are also being designed according to the latest trends and the infrastructure of the building. The owners of the building and the home makers make sure that their windows are up to date according to latest designs. As it is being said that EVERTHING IN THIS WORLD NEEDS TIME AND MAINTAINANCE, so are windows. Even the windows of the highest quality would need repair at a particular point of time.

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One should know that when windows need repair and when it should be replaced and only then one could move ahead with the decision of replacement of windows or repair of windows.

Repair of window-

Windows need repair when only minor changes are needed. Or we could say that when they are not being much outdated.

  1. When there are Minor cracks in the windows, as they could be easily repaired with the different variety of products available in the market.
  2. When the windows appear dusty and humid even after cleaning, then new sash could solve the problem.
  3. When the lock holes of the windows are damaged then they could be replaced by the new and advanced lock holes.
  4. When one has to avoid the unwanted changes as those changes could affect the atmosphere of the house, in those cases the window repair could be the best option.
  5. The sunlight in the house comes through windows and if the requirement of the light need not to be affected, then the windows could be repaired to the best possible way.


Replacement of window-

All the times the windows could not be repaired. There are various circumstances where one has to replace the windows. Also it depends upon the person whether he wants to replace the windows or to repair them.

  1. The windows could be replaced when they are extremely damaged. The situations where the windows are being broken, obsolete or outdated are the situations where one has to replace them.
  2. When the windows are outdated and also do not provide proper fresh air, then they should be replaced.
  3. Also, the weather and the climatic conditions are one of the reasons for the replacement of the windows.
  4. In cases where the wooden frames are being damaged and could not be repaired, then the entire window needs to be replaced.


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