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Vinyl doors and windows have been dominating the market share in the Industry over a couple of years. The craze has shifted from wooden to UPVC due to amazing energy efficient properties of vinyl windows. It has affected mainly multifamily and residential construction. After a recent survey conducted it was found that the popularity for these windows is just not because of energy-efficient or durability, but it’s about COLOUR!!!

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Yeah, you heard it right. PVC windows support a lot of colour options which paves the way for residential window fabricators.  A member from the Lordship Windows, London quoted that “People love to buy colourful doors and windows. Many customers approached us for particular interior and exterior designs colours and showed interest in vinyl windows.”Another major factor responsible for its popularity as quoted by this leading North London Doors & Window Company was the fact that PVC windows can be laminated, painted and co-extruded.


Some other incredible advantages offered by PVC windows are:

Environmental Friendly

Using PVC windows have reduced rather eliminated the wear and tear, yellowing and cracking which were the major concerned issues with wood. This adds to the durability and longevity of your doors and windows. There is no flaking, peeling or rotting associated with them.


Plenty of Sunlight and Energy Efficiency

These windows allow plenty of sunlight as compared to other windows currently in the competition.It also reflects back heat wave in summer and absorbs heat during winter, thus making them more energy efficient. This will certainly cut your energy bills.

Value Addition

As we know, people love to buy homes which are secure and have PVC windows. So, adding vinyl windows adds to the re-sale value along with the property value addition as well. Mark my words, People will get impressed at the first look indeed.

Low Maintenance and Affordable


You don’t need to worry about maintenance of these windows. Rather they come with 10 years warranty. Just a wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient. In fact if you cannot do it regularly, then an occasional wipe will suffice.  Moreover, this material is totally pocket-friendly and falls absolutely in your budget.

Colours and Double Glazing

The latest trend followed is upgrading and installing your windows to double glazed ones. This will make your home look cleaner, quieter and greener. Moreover there are lot of colour options available which makes it even more demanding.

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