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It is always recommended to go for good quality Doors and Windows for your home as they are the ones which make your home look elegant and stylish. But there are still many factors which can affect your doors and windows; and can leave them damaged. Factors like temperature variations can cause wooden windows to peel off, turn flaky, rot or even swell. Sometimes they smell foul in the rainy season. All these cases leave you in dilemma whether to go for replacement or repairing of doors and windows. Well, it hugely depends on which Door repair company in London you are consulting. Here are few tips through which you can find a company which understands your requirements and guides you accordingly offering the most affordable solutions to your queries.




Tip 1: Experience

Do look out for how many years that particular company is serving its clients? The more experienced they are, the more genuine products and advice you can expect from them. Avoid going for newbies, as most of them are into quick money making business and may guide you to go for complete replacement for a thing which can easily be repaired. Experience matters a lot and this aspect cannot be neglected at all.


Tip 2: knowledge about latest technologies

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Another major factor, if a company is selling outdated products or using old technology in manufacturing or repairing windows in North London, then it is recommended that you don’t go for its services irrespective of its affordability. Always follow latest designs and trends with new technology which is UPVC doors and windows. Using wooden doors is obsolete and down fashioned these days. You can visit Lordship Showroom for best quality UPVC doors and windows. Be it patio doors, French doors, bi-folding doors; name a type and it is available on their list.


Tip 3: customer satisfaction




This should be the company’s ultimate goal. Look out for advertisements or ask your friends or relatives about any company they know. You can also search for online reviews and ratings about that company on the internet. The internet is a great medium to get authentic information. Check the company’s website and make sure that they deliver what they promise.

Tip 4: Prices and duration

Compare the prices offered by them in the market or online.  Ask the company to give you quotation for the complete process. If the company is genuine, it will give you free quote without any second question asked. Check which company offers the best price and then give them your project. Also, enquire how much time they will take to complete the task.




Lordship Windows holds an unbeatable track record of customer satisfaction and timely delivery of products. They repair windows within 48 hours of your intimation to them. They provide excellent quality, double glazed and energy efficient doors and windows specializing in repairing as well as replacement. For more information visit or visit their showroom at

7 Kendal Parade, Silver Street London. Walk-in for a free quote today!!!