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Do you dream that cozy space of yours in the patio enhanced by golden rays of the dusk and dawn? Do you want to energize your house with the view of your Zen Garden? Open your world of dreams using Lordship Bi-folding doors.


What is a Bi-fold Door?

Bi-fold is a door that slides open while its panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall. They can fold in or out and open up spaces due to which they can be used as interior or exterior doors.

A typical bi fold door comes with a series of panels joined together by a hinge and attached with rollers. Panels are connected in train and the arrangement can assume any configuration. The door types can vary from two paired panels that fold to one side or 4 paired panels that split in centre with each pair of them sliding on one side. The track fittings enable the inward and outward opening depending on the requirement.


Advantages of using Bi-fold Doors

  • Connectivity-These doors enables you to bring open spaces indoor. They can be good options as lounge or patio doors thereby enabling you to enjoy your exteriors without safety compromises. They also serve as good partitions or pass through entrances in kitchen, bathroom or laundry rooms.
  • Easy and smooth maintenance-The hinge and roller joints ensure that they stick to frame channels. The centralized hinges give it a stable structure.
  • Durability- The flap and panel mechanisms along with strong hinges ensure that they don’t get derailed from the channels in spite of prolonged usage


  • Energy Savings- By enhancing energy efficiency of the house by stabilizing indoor temperature and making maximum utilization out of natural lighting and ventilation. This can help you cut down your electricity bills.
  • Safety-The secure folding hinges that blends with gaskets along with locking system spread over multiple points along a track provides greater protection from normal single point locked doors .Tough external finishes, strong secure glass, powerful locks enables you to enjoy the natural scenery outside without having to compromise on security
  • Space utilization-The compact design of bi-folding doors enables you to save space by enabling the stacking option. This will also allow you to fully open the doors to any radius within the frame thereby giving your rooms a spacious feel.
  • Aesthetical value- They can blend well with any architectural style, be it retro, colonial or sleek modern. In spite of the simple look it can highlight and stand out as focal point.
  • It can give high return on investment as due to it is functionality, durability and appeal increases its potential sale value.


A Lordship Windows Bi-folding door comes with high point security locking system, aluminum frames and stainless steel rollers to ensure maximum security, flexibility and durability. Our slim line profile that enhances aesthetic appeal with maximum light ingress comes in myriad size, colour and coatings. So go ahead and open your house to the breathtaking view outside!