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The thought of a house without windows is unimaginable.  The windows are installed for ventilation and lighting purpose.  The outer view can be seen through the windows sitting in your house. A good architect suggests to you about placement of windows while designing your house. That is the importance of a window.  Apart from showing the world outside, it comes in different shapes and sizes and makes our life interesting. In the present day, people want something more creative and want their house to be highlighted.  The desire is not wrong.  When the investment is high, the expectations also will be high.  The concept of bay windows gain importance whenever the creativity is discussed,


A bay window is a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building and forming a bay in a room. Bay windows are very stylish in nature and can be easily installed in any type of building provided the building is strong enough to support the bay window. These windows being projected outside the wall make a room appear larger and help in providing views of the outside which would be unavailable with an ordinary flat window. They can be found in terraced houses, independent houses as well as in apartments.

The inside angles of a bay window are normally 90, 135, 150 degrees. In case of triangular bays formed of two windows set at 120 degrees may be found. All are polygonal or square. A bay window when supported with a flat front and angled sides is called canted and when supported by a corbel, bracket or similar it’s called an oriel window.


The following few points may make a bay window a little advantageous than the other types of windows:


  • Add value to the home. Bay windows are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal. From the outside, the shimmering glass gives the home a clean, modern look. On the inside, the style looks elegant and creates a feeling of additional space. Aesthetic appeal and increased square footage add to the resale value of your home.
  • Allow natural light to enter. Bay windows have panoramic views, so they allow more natural light to enter from multiple directions.


  • Good ventilation. Because bay windows offer the option of having two operating windows, the homeowner and guests can enjoy a nice breeze from two directions instead of just one.
  • Versatility. Bay windows can be found in any room in Victorian homes, but they’re also a popular enhancement for modern homes. They can be installed anywhere, but bay windows are popular in the kitchens and living rooms of modern homes. The area around the window allows for a reading nook or banquette style seating.


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