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13cd3b2e26ea684051fa8991254c5c25Installing the right kind of window at you home or office will help you make it look more spacious. The right window will also add more light to your room and give it a complete makeover. Bay windows are well known for this purpose and quite popular among London home owners; reason being they are available in different styles and designs, and very easy to use. Installing a bay window will not just help you get an amazing out view, but adds a lot of charm to your property.

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Being associated with Victorian architecture, Bay windows have a long history. Many different countries have influenced to design a Bay window of their own. As they open outwards, they allow in a lot of space, natural light and air to fall inside the room. Whereas, you will also find a design that open inwards, you can choose the best match to your needs. Overall, it is an ideal option for the homeowners looking for stylish and quality home improvement.

Not just the design, material of the frame also matters a lot. Till now, we have seen materials like wooden and aluminium being the favourite choice of the people, but since they have a lot of setbacks; UPVC has been introduced to ensure homeowners that their investment will stay pays them off. UPVC, also known as un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a highly efficient material that can be used to create door and window frames. This material has much better quality and more life that attracts homeowners.


One of the best things about Bay windows is that they match with almost every kind of property very easily. Since they are available in a wide range of colours and designs, homeowners also get a lot of options to choose from. With UPVC bay windows, homeowners don’t have to worry about their maintenance and cleaning. They hardly require any maintenance and occasional cleaning makes the Bay Windows look like new again.

For London homeowners who are looking for an affordable home improvement option that is weather proof and stay with them for years, then UPVC bay windows by Lordship Windows is an ideal solution. Heavy rains or humid conditions do not affect UPVC Bay windows. They keep your house safe and noise free from outdoor traffic.


Now if you are looking for the best supplier to get UPVC windows, then no need to go further than Lordship Windows. We have years of experience in serving the UPVC doors and windows needs of the people of London. Our bay windows are designed to keep the home or office insulated, and helps the owners to save on their energy bills as well. a52cf170ffa7f167a41cd9b6c25d6400

We also deliver a wide range of UPVC doors, such as French doors, Patio doors, Bi-folding doors and much more. We are a one-stop-solution to get quality UPVC doors and windows in London. Get in touch with us today. Call us on 0800 0688566, or visit our website to apply for a FREE quote.