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Ventilation is an important part of the architectural design of any building; be it small or a big edifice. When we are talking about the concept called ventilation here, what readily comes to mind is the window.

There are numerous brand names out there in the business of the design of windows. You will agree with me quite frankly that in such an endeavor, there are pretenders. There are only a few in the class that can be classified as the best in the business.


Talking about the best, ever heard the name Lordship Windows Ltd? They are the manufacturers’ of Bay Windows. This company has grown to represent the very best that you can ever get in this business of Windows. The name Bay Window has gained international appeal going by the honest reviews of those that have bought this wonderful piece of beauty to behold.

Every window from the stable of Lordship is made to exact specification of choice. The diversity of choices is accommodated in our line of production. Just tell us what you want and you will have it delivered. The team is made of core professional craftsmen with an eye on quality delivery to deliver that quality construction of your dreams. The technology is up to date and will compete favorably with any design anytime any day.


When it comes to choosing the shape of your curtain; you have the liberty to choose from our wide spectrum of shapes and sizes. Your dream design is there for you to take a pick from our catalogue on our website. Aware of the global economic downturn our windows are relatively cheap and very easy to maintain. They are pocket-friendly. It will demand only an occasional wipe to clear it of accumulated dirt- no daily/weekly wash of Lordship windows.

The windows are durable in addition to their cost effectiveness. We are of the confirmed opinion that most people will not spend often on home improvements in times like this when resources are meager and scarce.


Bay Windows designs are beautifully executed to appeal to the taste of those that have an eye for fashion. They add glamour and class to any home. So if you have that keen desire to keep your home as moderately elegant as possible at a low cost to your pockets, Lordship Windows Ltd is the place to be.

Noise is very disturbing. The noise that accompanies the movement of some windows after installation is worrisome. Our set of windows will not give you issues on that. From the installation and throughout the years of use, noise pollution is the least worry with Bay Windows. Our network of delivery is smooth and devoid of undue bottlenecks. Just give that call and our team of professionally trained customer care experts will treat you with that royalty that you deserve. 99a5b72900ec090d4c3e6120fd7b9d7a

Bay windows are the ultimate. It is cheap and durable. The design is in diverse categories. What else can one ask for? These set of windows from Lordship Windows Ltd is in a class of its own.