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UPVC Bay Windows

Want to give your home an attractive look? Need abundant sunshine across your living area? Or want the green garden to punctuate your cozy lounge? All this can be accomplished in a jiffy, by opting out on Lordship’s new range of UPVC Bay windows.

Lordship doors and windows Ltd provide all the practical solution to your window needs. Be it repairing or installing a new one, we are just a call away. UPVC Bay window is the best way to make your home look spacious, stylish with an overdose of sunlight. Bay windows not only add greater dimension to your living area by allowing plenty of sunlight, but also increases its usability by adding an aesthetic appeal to it.
You simply just can’t walk past Bay Windows, as their beautiful designs and stunning views  will tempt you to buy them and get them installed in your sweet home. They are a better and safer alternative to a balcony or a porch. Bay windows are generally a combination of three windows projected outwards from the wall. The side windows are set at an acute angle, thus creating an extra interior corner for sitting. These UPVC Bay Windows are not only to provide an eye-catching look to home, but they offer certain other advantages which prompt the homeowners to opt them over other windows.


VENTILATION: As Bay windows form a cluster of windows projecting outwards, when opened, they offer plenty of fresh air and cool breeze. They provide a peaceful corner where you can sit back and relax with a cup of coffee.

VALUE ADDITION: As they protrude outwards, you get an increased square footage to your home, which further adds to the resale value of your property. They impart a clean, modern look to the home from outside. Inside, they create a feeling of an extra space which is aesthically appealing.

NATURAL LIGHT: The UPVC Bay windows not only offer panoramic view, but also give you  a generous amount of sunlight as compared to other windows in the market. The room becomes lightened as the sunlight enters the room from multiple directions. This also helps cutting your energy bills.

VERSATILE: Bay windows add a style statement, when installed in your master-bedroom or kitchen or living area. The extra space offered can be creatively used as a breakfast bar, a reading corner or for indoor flora.

EXTRA LIFE WITH UPVC:  Lordship’s UPVC Bay windows offer durability and also meet the industry quality standards. They will not rot, peel or flake. They can even withstand extremes of climate. They just need an occasional cleaning. Cleaning with a damp cloth will also do.


Lordship Windows is the most trusted and reputed brand in London. We are one stop solution for all your windows and doors requirements. We respect our clients and promise to offer lowest cost for installing or purchasing new Bay Windows. Visit us for a quote today at or call us @ 0800 0688566.