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If you are undertaking replacement glazing in your home, you need to use an installer who is registered with the Government authorised scheme FENSA. Anyone who installs replacement windows or doors must comply with current building regulations and thermal performance standards.

When the time comes to sell your property, your purchaser's solicitor will ask for evidence that any replacement glazing installed since April 2002 complies with the Building Regs. Homeowners can prove compliance in the following ways:

1) A certificate showing that the work has been done by an installer who is registered under the FENSA Scheme.

2) A certificate from the Local Authority stating that the installation has approval under the Building Regulations.


With 9000+ FENSA registered businesses
countrywide; homeowners have a real choice when hiring a reputable local installer.

FENSA installers are all vetted and will have met certain eligibility criteria to become registered with FENSA. FENSA registered businesses’ work are inspected on an ad-hoc basis to ensure that standards are continually met and maintained to protect the consumer.

Lordship Windows is a fully accredited FENSA member. This means you can be sure your legal status with your new glazing installation is completely above board and taken care of. Be sure to call us today to talk about your new windows or new doors!

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About Argon Gas
Argon gas replaces the air inside the glass unit. Since it is heavier than air and is not in continuous motion like air, the transference of heat and cold (convection) is greatly reduced. In short, the Argon gas provides extra insulation and energy efficiency.

“Warm Edge” spacer technology is designed to reduce the potential for conduction of cold air from the outdoors. The layers of glazing in an insulating unit must be held apart at the appropriate distance by spacer bars.
argon gas            argon gas
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